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Dear Legislator:

I read the newspaper coverage regarding yesterday's legislative sessions concerning the mall expansion. I support those of you , justifiably concerned with the public fisc, who insist the Pyramid Companies pay tax on the existing mall and guarantee the construction of all planned phases documented in revisions to the proposed PILOT agreement. Your position is the only fiscally prudent one. Mr. Congel's attempt to characterize the mall expansion as a charitable venture on his part and those of his partners should be regarded with great skepticism. If the various Pyramid entities were charitable there would not been such a long list of lienors in connection with the original mall construction nor, for that matter, in connection with other Pyramid ventures. Why take Mr. Congel at his word when public records show that his partnerships have consistently tried to beat others out of hundreds of thousands of dollars for work performed on other Pyramid "charitable ventures?"

Speaking of Pyramid partnerships, do you know precisely what Pyramid entity is behind this expansion? Most "Pyramid" projects are done by separate partnerships who do not necessarily have the assets of Mr.Congel or Mr. Kenan at their disposal. Be assured that the electorate appreciates your exercise of caution going forward with this venture that will effect us and our children for years to come.

Your actions in this matter will be remembered at election time.

Yours truly,

Jack Garofalo