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DeFrancisco Cares About Central New York


To the Editor:


As someone who was born and raised in this community, who lives, works and is active in this community, and who cares deeply about the future of Syracuse and Central New York, I take issue with your recent editorial lambasting Sen. John DeFrancisco and accusing him of a lack of leadership.  I would suggest that there is not a stronger, more independent-minded leader in Central New York.


No two intelligent people are always going to agree on any issue. That is both the spirit and substance of democracy. Public debate and discussion on an issue of such enormous significance to the future of our community, like the Carousel PILOT proposal, is a necessity, not an aggravation, as your editorial board apparently has decided. What other local elected official would have the courage to stick to his beliefs despite the veiled threats contained in your editorials?


From the beginning, the Carousel expansion proposal has been shrouded in a cloak of secrecy. As the details have slowly trickled out, Sen. DeFrancisco has evaluated and stated his opinion on the current PILOT. Anyone who takes the time to review these details, as DeFrancisco clearly has, agrees that this has the potential to be a serious financial hardship on our community for generations to come


Sen. DeFrancisco cares about our community and is willing to put his own political future on the line to protect the taxpayers of Syracuse, the city he proudly resides in.


I cannot imagine traits that more succinctly define a leader. Thank you, Sen. DeFrancisco.  


Thomas V. Dadey, Jr.


October 15, 2000